TRAILER: ArtisticBokeh – Miasma: Call for Reduction (2012) auf The Pirate Bay und Kickass-Torrents (

Gerade via Mail erhalten: die Gruppe ArtisticBokeh hat einen (legalen) Trailer ihrer letzten Videoarbeit via Torrent veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich um ein hybrides Theaterstück, welches gleichzeitig als Filmdreh zu verstehen ist. Die Bildqualität ist herausragend! Empfehlung!


In a theatrical, multimedia- and installation-based, musical as well as performative action spanning over fifty hours the Expedithalle (dispatch hall) of the former Ankerbrotfabrik (bread factory) in the Viennese 10th district transforms into a vast garden. Therein Marie Müller starts an attempt of self-assertion, against a psychotic society forcing her to totally dissolve in the mud and hot air of collective hysteria, fear and porn. With the high ambition of global theatre the attempt to abolish the world as we know it is called for. Only to dare, after the trial in the world courtyard has been held, a recreation of the world out of human need and in accordance with what we commonly call ‚nature’.

Miasma Theaterstück und hybrider Film